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How to choose Pixel pitch for Outdoor LED Sign

Pixel pitch, Size and view distance of outdoor LED screen

How to choose Pixel pitch for Outdoor LED Sign

What Pixel Pitch Outdoor LED Display is the best choice for your Outdoor LED Sign? Currently, the main model of outdoor LED display are: P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P12, P16, how to make right choice to  select the most fit Pixel pitch ?

1.  Viewing Distance

LED Display Pixel pitch is brief as “PH”or “P,” The Pixel Pitch means length between two pixel, also pixel pitch determined the resolution, for example P5 Means the pixel pitch is 5mm and its resolution is 40,000pixel/sqm. Moreover, smaller PH value, the higher the pixel resolutioin, and the viewing distance is more close.

Therefore, if you want a close viewing distance then should take the small pixel pitch model such as P4,P5,P6, otherwise you can take a large pixel pitch such as P16 ,P20. The Medium pixel pitch model like P10 and P8 is very hot model.

2. LED Sign Size

Recommend Size that  less than 10 square meter, it is recommended to use P4,P5,P6 HD outdoor LED display.      While Size between 10-20 square feet, it is recommended to use P8 or P10 full color LED display,

Size Up to 20-100 square meters, the viewing distance of 10 meters away, it is recommended to use P10 P13.3 or P20.

Through the above, the analysis can be drawn: in fact, viewing distance and area are linked. Watch the distance, the body of the screen area will certainly be bigger, then the display resolution requirements are not very high, so select a point on the line spacing of the screen, of course, you have the money capricious, can also choose a small pitch screen, but the cost much higher, is not worthwhile.

So the choice for outdoor LED display Pixel Pitch, need according to your actual requirements, combined with comprehensive consideration Screen size, housing type and budget. The most suitable is the best.


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