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How to improve the stability of rental LED display

How to improve the stability of rental LED display

Rental LED Display is widely used in outdoor New Product Launch, conferences, press releases and other big events, the stability of Rental LED Display is very important , especially in the performances, important international conferences activities. Meanwhile, in order to achieve a variety of displaying and performing effects, Rental LED Display need to be spliced into a variety of shapes. These applications requirements Rental LED display not only can be fast assemble and dismantling capability, and also need to be high stability. So how to improve the stability of Rental LED Screen for above event? The following are from the material selection, system control program, working status real-time monitoring three aspects to illustrate.

1. Materials Slection: stability determines the display key material such as LED lights, the driver IC, power supply, power and excellent signal connector and cabinet design. Material selection requirements big brands material , high standard test, as well as various protection functions. For example, switching power supply selection requirements: overheating protection, to support a wide AC input voltage, anti-surge. DC outputs have over-voltage, over-current protection. Structural design to ensure the cabinet streamline shape, and must ensure good heat dissipation capability and fast assemble and distamtling.

2. System Control: Rental LED Display control system should have a hot backup features, including video sending and receiving equipment, signal transmission cable, etc., it can ensure the unexpected situation, the system can automatically diagnose in one part of the system and at great speed switch to the backup device to work, the entire switching process will not affect the display of the scene. For example: In order to meet the needs of the stage scene, the display needs to move the live scene splicing modeling. If staff negligence or other reasons, a large-screen display signal input line occurred in the middle of the release, in the conventional control schemes, from loose housing occurred beginning to the end signaling cascade, all displays They will be no signal. If you add hot backup program in the control system, the signal wire loose moment, hot backup function is activated, the display can still work properly, will not bring any impact to the live broadcast.

3. Real-time monitoring: monitor the working status of the computer can be used for real-time monitoring, including temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, cooling fan working condition and so on. Various conditions can occur for automatic adjustment process, and provide the location of the abnormal alarm. For example: When a box because of environmental or other factors cause the internal cabinet temperature is relatively high, so in the absence of timely treatment, the power supply inside the case can occur at any time over-temperature protection. If the display monitor working conditions in this case, the system will lower the internal temperature of the display to adjust the display through the intelligent working condition. When smart regulation can not lower the temperature when you set a target, the system will alarm mode is set by the staff, and to provide an exception cabinet position, notify the staff timely manner. Ensure the normal operation of the display.

In short, every aspect of the display to improve the stability of the material from the selection, hardware design, system control programs, etc. into account. We need to have an experienced, powerful R & D team.


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