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How to make the lifespan of LED display longer than 100,000 hours?

How to make the lifespan of LED display longer than 100,000 hours?

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Sure Like other Electronic product, the LED Display lifespan are effected by the material , components quality, producing procedure and workshop enviroment and most important the safety operation.

1.LED Display 100,000h Lifespan?

You always see the LED Display lifespan is 100,000h for all LED Display factory. But Is that true? Let's Calculated, 100,000h lifespan means the led display work 24-hours a day, 365 days a year the lifespan are exceed 11 years. but the reality is much worse the theoretical data, according to statistics, average lifespan is about 6 to 8 years. A LED Display which can worked more than 10 years has been considered very good quality. Especially the outdoor LED display, lifespan is even more shorter. If we note that some details of the process used will bring unexpected results of our display.

2. LED Display Producing Environment Requirement

Starting from raw material procurement, standardization and standardized production to the installation process, the service life of the LED display will have a great impact.LEDs beads and other electronic components such as IC brand, switching power supply, these are the factors that directly affect the LED screen life. When we make the planning of the project, it should be specified with reliable quality LED lamp beads good reputation of switching power supplies, as well as other raw materials specific brand and model. In the production process, pay attention to good anti-static measures, such as wearing a static ring, wear anti-static clothing, choose clean room and production lines, to minimize the failure rate. In the factory, to ensure as much as possible the aging time, so that the factory 100 percent pass rate. In the transport of fortune, we should do a good job of packaging the product in the packaging outside marked fragile, if it is shipping, need to make hydrochloric acid corrosion prevention measures.

3. LED Display Safety Operation

For outdoor LED displays, peripherals have the necessary safety equipment and do lightning surge measures to try not to use the display in a lightning storm weather. Pay attention to environmental protection, so as not long on the dusty environment, the internal display is strictly prohibited water, good water-resistant measures. Choosing the right cooling equipment, according to the standard to install fans or air conditioning, Screen can do as much as possible the environment dry and ventilated.

In addition, LED display routine maintenance is also very important to regularly clean the screen above the accumulation of dust, so as not to affect the cooling. When advertising content, as not a long time in an all-white, all green screen and so on, in order to avoid current amplification, heating cables and cause a short circuit fault. In the evening playing the festival, according to the ambient brightness Screen brightness adjustment, it will not only save energy, but also to extend the service life of the LED display.


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