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Outdoor LED display how to be Environment Friendly?_ Brightness auto adjust and energy saving LED Display.

Outdoor LED display how to be Environment Friendly?- Brightness auto adjust and energy saving LED Display.

energy saving led display

With the rapid development of emerging areas of the market, LED displays are widely used in outdoor media, advertising, business commercial advertising, and other aspects of the urban landscape. With the technology continuous progress and update, LED display are accepted by civilian people always rent LED display in ceremony, wedding, party etc. In business commercial advertising field Outdoor LED display can really enhance their brand image, the ads source  are programmable. However, the outdoor LED display some new problems in daily application, LED display enterprises need to make some improvements technologies in products and:

1. Structure Design

Outdoor LED billboard are usually large size and tons of weight with its structure, furthermore LED display structure construction need to consider water-proof, heat diffuse,wind-resistance, earthquake and air humidity ; So the Structure Design need to be light weight stronger and harmonious with the building or scenery.

2. Light pollution

In recent years with the popularity of the LED display, the "light pollution" problem comes out.

The natural lighting are change larged by times and weather condition, if the display brightness is greater than the natural lighting, it causes uncomfortable in sence of sight,  the LED Sign board beside street may cause the driver traffic accident,  this is damage of light pollution, our automatic brightness adjustment model can automatically adjust the brightness according to natural light luminance avoid light pollution.

3. Low-carbon, Energy-saving

The Average LED Display power consumption is about 600-800w per sq.m, and a 30sqm led sign will consume 18kw-24kw per hour, and if it worked 16h a day how much power it will consumed a year:


It’s a huge cost as well as not environment friendly. The solution to improve this problem is make the LED Display more energy efficient reduce heat generation. Now the High energy saving LED display is available it adopt new driving IC and Low Voltage Power Supplier which can cut down about 50% power consumption, it means will save half power cost and also will be good to our planet environment.


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