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Outdoor SMD LED Display Application

Outdoor SMD LED Display Trends

Outdoor SMD LED display market is growing rapidly.

With the technology development of outdoor SMD LEDs, it had solved the low brightness, brightness decay, heat dissipation as well as waterproof and other technical problems. Now SMD LEDs can stand with the harsh outdoor environment ,Further more it will be widely accept by its excellent performance.

Outdoor high definition LED display applications

With the feature of  bigger viewing angle, nice color uniformity, and finest image display quality, Outdoor SMD LED Display are favored in both outdoor advertising and renting market.

Different from the traditional LED Sign SMD LED Display can give more pixel for source displaying, it means times of pixel density and can reach a real HD screen at a comparitive small size. It will be widely used in the field of medium and small size LED Sign.

The Main Model of Outdoor SMD LED Display

Used in outdoor advertising, high-definition SMD LED DISPLAY  main specifications P6, P5, P4

Outdoor Rental SMD LED Display Model: P5, P4.81, P3.91

outdoor high definition LED display Features

1. High definition: SMD LED Display has much more pixel at the same size.

2. Bigger viewing angle, means it will visible in a larger area.

3. Better color and brightness uniformity, it endows high fidelity and high quality image performance

4.High refresh rate and grey scale, it contribute a fine image performance to Outdoor SMD LED Display.

5. Cost-efficient,Outdoor SMD LED Display has great cost-efficient integrate with its perfomance.

Outdoor SMD LED Display with the feature of high definition and fine image performance will be favored in outdoor advertising and rental market.


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