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P4 High Performance indoor LED Display For Taiwan Airport

P4 High Performance indoor LED Display For Taiwan Airport , high-level LEDs and IC driver are adopt which endow its high performance quality, eliminate the ghost line and enpower its low gray scale performance, also eliminate the effection of broken pixel to its adjacent pixel

A Taiwan passport customs check counter, greeted by a large number of duty-free shops addition, the new built led display is very suck the eye. Through led display high-definition video playback to Taiwan's customs fully demonstrated in front of tourists.

This Indoor P4 high-definition LED display showing the image of Taiwan, So it requires a high quality performance, further more it requires high fidelity at the condition of low gray scale displaying as it for indoor enviroment application. After a strict process of selection, finaly choose MBI5153 as its driver IC for its excellent performance which can fulfil the application requirements.

MBI5153 IC Driver is a successful solution to solve the problem of ghosti line for indoor high resolution led display. It endow the LED Display which it powered high performance, no flick , no ghost line, high low gray scale performance etc. . Further more, after long-term use, there will inevitably be broken pixel, MBI5153 can eliminate the effection to its adjacent pixel.


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