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P6 Cylinder LED Display

P6 Cylinder LED Display

1. how does P6 Cylinder LED Display come from

P6 Indoor Cylinder LED Display is a customized LED Display which adopt P6 192*96mm small LED Module, and have to turn the module direction when assemble to the arc shaped cabinet. It will be get a small angle of the two adjoin module. So that gives a real round shape surface from audience vision.

2. The features of Cylinder LED Display

The Steel Cabinet need to be processed with high pricise machine so that can minimize the gaps, and also will make it easy to assemble and especially reducing the LED Display Installation Work. Furhter more there are several different of fixed method to match the real case applications, such as hanging, sole pillar standing and ground based etc.

3. Cylinder LED Display Application

This cylinder LED display has a 2.3m diameter, and 1.5m high, it will fixed in a shopping mall to display advertising video etc. and also public some promotion, and accident information to customers, the cylinder/column Shaped LED Display can show information 360 degree, that means customer can view the vision information at any angle.  Cylinder/Column LED Sign is very eye catching and quite worth the investment.

P6 Cylinder led display

P6 Cylinder led display

P6 Cylinder led display

P6 Cylinder led display


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