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What is LED Screen Viewing Angle?

       Viewing Angle is the angle at which the LED screen brightness is halved. An LED is at full brightness when you look at it straight on - or dead center. If that level of brightness is halved by moving 25° from dead center, the viewing angle is considered to be double that number, that is, 50°.

      Reading Angle is the angle at which one person can adequately read your LED message and, while typically greater than the viewing angle, varies depending on lighting circumstances and the spot environment.

      EagerLED DIP outdoor LED screen will give you a Viewing Angle of up to a 110° horizontal (off to either side) x 50° vertical (looking up or down at the screen), which is easily among the best in the outdoor sign industry. Viewing angle something to keep in mind when you consider how wide an audience you want to reach with your LED screen.


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