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  • Energy Saving LED Display Solution
Energy Saving LED Display Solution

Energy Saving LED Display Solution

  • Product description: Energy Saving-Low Power Consumption LED Display cut down 60% electricity consuming, 14bit color depth and over 2000hz fresh rate. High-end advertising led billboard high performance.

Energy Saving-Low Power Consumption LED Display

with the rapid growth of led display application in advertising market, the operator eager to cut down its operating cost- especially the electricity fees cost.

Although LED Display manufacturers state that led display is energy efficient but its consumpt about 0.4kw+ electricity power a hour for 1 sqm. 0.4kw is not a big deal, but how much energy it will cost in a year if you run a 20sqm led Ads billboard 16hours a day?
Yes, it's 46,720kw.h, its much money. Then How should we do with this condition to cut down its power consumption and inprove its electricity efficiency.

Eagerled Energy saving-Low power consumption led display is design to solve this problem.We optimize the driving ciircult, implement intelligent and high accurate LED driver work together with more efficient and low voltage power supplier.

MBI5045 Energy saving Driver

MBI5045 is designed for LED video applications using internal Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control with 16-bit color depth which features a 16-bit shift register to convert serial input data into each pixel gray scale of output port. Also, the function is a 16-channel constant current LED driver with VDS=0.2V @ IOUT=20mA, which is excellent compared to the conventional design. MBI5045 is dedicated to lowering power consumption in LED video display application. The low knee voltage (LKV) design makes MBI5045 work at a constant output current with low VDS and still guarantee PrecisionDrive™ feature. The output current can be preset through an external resistor. Moreover, the preset current of MBI5045 can be further programmed to 64 gain steps for LED global brightness adjustment.

With Scrambled-PWM (S-PWM) technology, MBI5045 enhances Pulse Width Modulation by scrambling the “on” time into several “on” periods. The enhancement equivalently increases the visual refresh rate. When building a 16-bit color depth video, S-PWM reduces the flickers and improves the fidelity. MBI5045 offloads the signal timing generation of the host controller which just needs to feed data into drivers. MBI5045 drives the corresponding brightness of LEDs by specifying image data. With MBI5045, all output channels can be built with 16-bit color depth (65,536 gray scales). Each LED’s brightness can be calibrated with the compensated gamma correction or LED deviation information inside the 16-bit image data.

Optimized PCB design

Normal Power Supplier VS Lower Voltage Energy Saving Power Supplier

Normal LED Display Power Supplier VS Energy Saving LED Display Power Supplier

Power Comsumption comparison

This Data based on 960*960mm P10 Outdoor LED Display, at the brightness of 6500nit

Power Consumption comparison-Normal P10 LED Display Panel VS Energy Saving P10 LED Display Panel

From the Power test data for P10 LED Display It will save (1- 224w/499w=50%) 50% electrical power.

We test its power when displaying video source for both the normal and energy saving led panel, The normal cost 240w/h/ averagely, while the energy saving is 88w/h for 1 sqm.

Let Caculate exactly how much power it will save for a 20 sqm P10 outdoor led ads board for 1 year if 16h run.


It will save 17,753.6kwh for a 20sqm led ads board run 16h a day for 1 year. Dear Customer how much money it will save if choose Energy saving LED Display for your ads board?

Now availabe energy product is P26.6, P16, P10 Outdoor Ventilation led display and P10, P16 Outdoor DIP LED Display or Just Leave us message for some specific information and professional consultancy.



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