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  • P5 SMD2020 Indoor LED Module
  • P5 SMD2020 Indoor LED Module
P5 SMD2020 Indoor LED ModuleP5 SMD2020 Indoor LED Module

P5 SMD2020 Indoor LED Module

  • Model:P5-I16S-SMD2020-64x32
  • Brightness:≥1000CD/㎡
  • Power consumption:23W
  • Viewing angle:H:120°,V:120°
  • Product description: P5 SMD2020 LED module, high cost performance indoor advertising LED display solution, customized cabinet size.


1) New plastic cover with new mold, smaller module gaps and better screen flatness.

2) Big viewing angle, not less than 120 degrees on horizontal side and vertical side.

3) Perfect LED chip sorting technology ensures there is no color difference and brightness

difference on the LED screen.

4) Reasonable PCB layout offers good heat dissipation capacity.

5) High resolution and high brightness make excellent display effect.

Applicable situations:

Indoor video advertising LED screen

Indoor rental LED display for events

Indoor LED panel for stages

Small banner indoor LED screens

Indoor LED screen for TV stations, stock markets and public places


1) LED Type: SMD2020

2) Pixel Pitch: 5mm

3) Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B

4) Module Size:320*160mm

5) Module Resolution: 64*32pixels

6) Virtual Pixel or Real Pixel:real pixel

7) Density: 40000pixels/㎡

8) Driving Mode: Constant current, 1/16 duty

9) Brightness: ≥1000cd/㎡

10) Viewing Angle:H:120°,V:120°

11) Best Viewing Distance: ≥2.5m

12) Driving IC: JXI5020 /SUM2016

13) Working Voltage: 5V

14) Max Power Consumption: 23W

15) Module Weight: 0.5KG

16) Protection Grade: Front: IP31

17) Working Temperature: -20~60℃


P5 SMD2020indoor LED module Specification

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