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  • P8 Front Access LED Screen
P8 Front Access LED ScreenP8 Front Access LED Screen

P8 Front Access LED Screen

  • Model:P8-OF4S-SMD3535-40x40-L960H960
  • Brightness:≥6500CD/㎡
  • Refresh frequency:≥1800Hz
  • Protection grade:IP65
  • Product description: P8 SMD outdoor front access LED screen, high resolution front access LED screen, perfect solution for small size front service sign.Customized cabinet size, asynchronous control system.


1) Dual-maintenance, from both the front side and the rear side. People usually use its front service function.

2) Easy maintenance, easy to disassemble the modules with a hexagonal screwdriver.

3) No screws, easier to disassemble the modules and mount the modules on the cabinet.

4) 8mm pixel pitch is suitable for small commercial LED signs.

5) New plastic cover with new mold, smaller module gaps and better screen flatness.

6) Customized cabinet size, such as 1920x960mm, 1920x1280mm, 1280x1280mm and 1600x960mm.

7) Work well with asynchronous control system, such as NOVASTAR and XIXUN.


Outdoor commercial LED signs demanding front access and fast diassemble and assemble.


1) LED Package: SMD3535

2) Pixel Pitch: 8mm

3) Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B

4) Density: 15625pixels/㎡

5) Module Size: 320*320mm

6) Standard cabinet Size: 960*960mm

7) Cabinet Material: Steel; Aluminum

8) Cabinet Weight: ≈50KG; 37KG

9) Brightness: ≥6500cd/㎡

10) Viewing Angle: 120°(Horizontal); 120°(Vertical)

11) Driving Mode: Constant current, 1/4 duty

12) Refresh Frequency: ≥1800Hz

13) Max. Power Consumption: 900 W/㎡

14) Working Temperature: -20°C~+60°C

15) Life Time: more than 100,000 hours


Specification of P8 Outdoor SMD Front Access LED Screen

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