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  • P8 SMD Outdoor LED Module 320x320mm
  • P8 SMD Outdoor LED Module 320x320mm
P8 SMD Outdoor LED Module 320x320mmP8 SMD Outdoor LED Module 320x320mm

P8 SMD Outdoor LED Module 320x320mm

  • Model:P8-O4S-SMD3535-40x40
  • Brightness:≥6000CD/㎡
  • Power consumption: 78W
  • Viewing angle:H:120°,V:120°
  • Product description: P8 SMD outdoor LED module with universal size 320x320mm, utilizing Nationstar SMD3535, reliable quality and long lifetime.


1) Reasonable PCB design, low heat disspation, reliable and steady.

2) New developed mold for the plastic covers, hence, smaller module gaps and better screen flatness.

3) Nationstar SMD3535 top quality outdoor SMD LED.

4) LED chip is sorted within 2.5nm wave length and 10% color difference. Narrow wave length range and small color difference make perfect color uniformity and brightness conformity.

5) Exact control technology of brightness ratio of red, green and blue basic colors makes perfect white balance performance.

6) Famous constant current IC from Taiwan, ensuring the consistency and stability of the whole screen.


1) LED Type: SMD3535

2) Pixel Pitch: 8mm

3) Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B

4) Module Size: 320*320mm

5) Module Resolution: 40*40pixels

6) Virtual Pixel or Real Pixel:real pixel

7) Density: 15625pixels/㎡

8) Driving Mode: Constant current, 1/4 duty

9) Brightness: ≥6000cd/㎡

10) Viewing Angle:H:120°,V:120°

11) Best Viewing Distance:≥8m

12) Driving IC: MBI5041/JXI5020 /SUM2016

13) Working Voltage: 5V

14) Max Power Consumption: 78W

15) Protection Grade: Front: IP65

16) Working Temperature: -20~60℃

17) HUB Card: HUB54


P8 SMD3535 Outdoor 320x320mm LED Module Specification

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