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  • Truck Trailer LED Screen
  • Truck Trailer LED Screen
  • Truck Trailer LED Screen
  • Truck Trailer LED Screen
Truck Trailer LED ScreenTruck Trailer LED ScreenTruck Trailer LED ScreenTruck Trailer LED ScreenTruck Trailer LED Screen

Truck Trailer LED Screen

  • Application: outdoor
  • Cabinet: IP65 outdoor cabinet
  • Communication: synchronous
  • Control system:LINSN, NOVASTAR, etc
  • Product description: Truck trailer mobile LED screen is a perfect solution for portable outdoor advertisement, vivid image with sound, attractive to audience.

Description &Features:

Truck/trailer LED display screen is a very fast growing market: big three sided trailer LED display screen, double sided trailer LED display screen, one side small truck LED display screen, etc. It is becoming very popular and attracts more and more attention due to the advantages of short viewing distance (more close to the audience), vivid HD video effect, fast moving to accumulate large audience. More & more media companies rent more trucks/trailers and mount the HD video LED screen on the 2 sides or 3 sides to make advertising for some special advertising customers.

Features of Mobile Truck LED Screen:

1.Slim cabinet design, easy dismantling and assembling can save the space of trailer led display.

2.With the light cabinet in aluminum alloy, the trailer display weight is much smaller and the trailer can move faster.

3.No noise pollution occurs during working due to our high-quality cooling fan and alleyway ventilation design which reduce the quantity of cooling fan.

4.With ingress protection IP65, it’s completely safe for the trailer/truck display to work in the rain.

5.The working trailer causes static electricity easily, especially in the autumn. Fortunately, our unique anti-static electricity protection system can protect LED lamps and driving IC.

6.The wide-voltage design can prevent the damage caused by the high pulse voltage at the start, brake or stop of the trailer.

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